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December ISSUE 12

It seems surreal that I’m sitting down in my office and writing the editorial for the last issue of 2016. It was around this time last year that starting a local newspaper for the residents of Hobsonville was just a thought and now here we are 12 issues later and going into a new year.

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Free composting workshop

Saturday 4 June 2-4pm Sunderland Lounge, Marine Parade, Hobsonville Point An introduction to three basic composting methods; traditional bin, worm-farm and Bokashi. Already composting? Cool, come along if you have questions. All participants will be offered a $40 discount coupon towards a composting system. Booking essential –  482 1672 (office hours) or register online www.compostcollective.org.nz

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New Dawn for Grand Old Home

Insomniacs and early risers would have been in for a strange sight recently at Hobsonville Point – the rather imposing Base Commander’s house rumbling down Sunderland Ave in the dark, small hours of the morning, on the back of a truck. At 260m2, it’s a large house to be moved in a single piece. Building removal specialist, Craig Walker says it tested the limits of their equipment and provided the kind of challenge he and his team relish. The house…

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