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March The History Behind the Road Names in Hobsonville Point ?>

The History Behind the Road Names in Hobsonville Point

Names for new roads around Hobsonville Point have a variety of themes –aircraft, former air force personnel, native plants, sea life, birds and iwi. The common link is that they all relate to this area, and great care is taken to ensure the names chosen for the roads reflect the history of the area. Road names such as Kittyhawk, Corsair, Harvard, de Havilland are all aircraft names that were here on the former air force base. Road Names such as…

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March Back to School Backaches ?>

Back to School Backaches

Our school children are now into the full swing of the term. As parents, caregivers and teachers we need to be cautious and continually monitoring our children’s school bag. Primary school-aged children are at risk the most and by carrying a heavy load it becomes detrimental to their health and their growing bodies. The majority of school bags will contain a lunch box, water bottle, textbook/books, portable devices, maybe some sports gear it all starts to add up, so it…

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