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Earthbound Honey Ltd. Organic Beekeepers
09-810 8449 Ext 1
5 Steamhauler Track
Waitakere, Auckland 0782
Hobsonville Point Farmers Market
02230 78 447
The Landing, by Hobsonville Ferry Terminal, Hobsonville, Auckland
Kosmic Kombucha NZ

At Kosmic Kombucha NZ we create our own recipes, and cultures and the result is a delicious, healthy brew. We brew our Kombucha in small batches and use fair trade organic Darjeeling teas. We have a short list of ingredients which produces big, and bold flavours. The result is a pure kombucha that isn’t flavoured with additives making Kosmic Kombucha NZ truly raw with naturally occurring probiotics.

1 Catalina Bay
No Shortcuts
027 285 1111
Salty River Farm
09-423 7854
336 Wharehine Road
Wellsford 0973