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Welcome to The Hobsonville Flyer, a community newspaper that is designed solely for the residents of Hobsonville. Quite some time ago my partner and I were going for a Sunday drive, and we ended up making our way down to The Landing. We immediately knew that we wanted to relocate to this beautiful place.

After a few months of looking, we finally found a place to call home. It didn’t take us long at all to realize what a wise decision it was, especially when it came to how neighborly and welcoming everyone was to us, not to mention the beautiful scenery and the innovative architecture that was going up all around Hobsonville. Those are just some of the reasons why I wanted to take on the role of editor in chief of The Hobsonville Flyer. Overall, it’s my goal to bring the community even closer together one page at a time. I hope everyone enjoys reading it, just as much as I enjoy creating it!


Debra goes by the pen name D.L Heather and is the author of the Breaking the Odds mini-series. She has worked  as a music journalist, writer, researcher, and editor.


12042819_10206332723509891_2684622399503534901_nI’m really excited to be helping Debra put The Hobsonville Flyer together; its time we had our own publication, not something recycled from another part of town with a new cover on it full of real estate ads! Ironically, I say that given my vocation, but such is the nature of commissioned selling, everyone wants to be seen. Overall, we want to promote local businesses, organizations and key people in the Hobsonville area. Loosely our initial distribution will be defined by the area west of The RSA on Hobsonville Road, north of Bocage Place West Harbour, Scott Point, Hobsonville Village and Hobsonville Point. Let’s make the Flyer our own, send Debra the gossip, the news, event notifications and if someone deserves an accolade lets tell everyone. This is an amazing community, and the flyer will enhance that.

I arrived at the Hobsonville Airfield way back in June 1989, at the age of 17. I commenced my initial trade training at the Technical Training School, which was where Mals landscaping in based now. Hobsonville has been here as its own entity for a long time; it’s growing with additional suburbs every day. Hobsonville Village with Mike Greer and Jennian Homes, Hobsonville Point with numerous developers, new schools and some 3000 homes and the future development of 6000 homes at Scott Point; all making a massive development and influx of thousands of people.
I’m in love with the area; I’m not a city person, and this place has the right mix of water, urban growth and country to make it feel just right.

The community of Hobsonville is the place to be, and The Hobsonville Flyer will be our local!
Geoff “Polly” Polglase