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Summer Gardening

The garden should be producing well for you now if you have fed the plants well. Sometimes we don’t realise how much the vegetables take out of the soil and how much we need to add. 

A good variety of organic matter is best – your own compost if you have it, chicken manure, sheep pellets, seaweed, horse or cow manure (just make sure the animals are not on any medication).  You will definitely notice an increase in earthworms the more material you add, and the healthier your plants will be. Remember what you put into them is what you’ll get out. 

While the weather is warm and the plants are growing well, continue to add more material, especially for sweet corn. Get out and check on your garden each day – not only for things to eat, but to see if there are any potential pests or diseases threatening, and pulling out weeds is a lot easier when they are small.

Tomatoes still need delateralling to help with air movement, so they are less likely to get blight. Beans need well watering in this hot weather. Otherwise, they dry out.  If your potatoes are dying back, then check in the soil and see what size they are –delicious new potatoes!                                                                                         

If you are growing zucchinis, cucumbers or pumpkins, you may have powdery mildew on the leaves spread by yellow and black lady bugs. Spraying regularly with Liquid seaweed will help.                                                                                                      Enjoy your summer crop of fresh home-grown vegetables.   

Ruth Wood

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