So much colour in the garden and more to come……… rolling into summer.

What a lovely yet busy time of year in the garden.  Weeds to pull, lawns to mow, shrubs to trim, and the best part – seedlings, corms, and tubers to plant. Get those Gladiolus (water well), cyclamen, amaryllis, begonias and dahlias in the ground.

If you sowed seedlings last month, they should also be ready to plant this month.

Give everything in the garden a good mulch to encourage healthy growth, keep up with watering, especially if you are growing strawberries. Use bird netting or windmills to protect them from our feathered friends.

Lift your mower blade up a notch or two. Don’t leave lawn clippings in clumps on the newly cut lawn as they will leave brown patches and increase the risk of fungal disease. Try to rid your lawn of weeds before they seed.

A handy tip to prevent your weed eater line from jamming or snapping is to spray it with

vegetable oil before installing the trimmer. To create perfectly natural markers, write the name of the plants on the flat surface of stones of various sizes, using a permanent marker and place near the base of the plants.

This month all the open garden tours start, so take advantage of joining one. Not only is it a visual beauty tour, but great for getting new ideas for your garden. Check Eventfinder or your local garden outlet.

– Diane Griffin

Hobsonville Herb Group


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