Recettes Les D`Elise Philosophy - with owner Lucrece Gradenigo Recettes Les D`Elise Philosophy – with owner Lucrece Gradenigo ?>

Recettes Les D`Elise Philosophy – with owner Lucrece Gradenigo

Recettes d’Elise was established in 2010. The genesis of my food business came about six years ago following my plan to have a romantic evening at home with my husband, I being French, prepared a tray of delicious cheeses, selection of pates, and of course good wine, etc. Cheese and wine no problem!  The Pates, on the other hand, were a big disappointment and the whole selection ended up in the bin. Thus ensued a discussion about the poor quality and my determination that I could produce something superior which people would be happy to buy.

Both my parents were chefs, and the obvious thing for me to do was to follow in their footsteps and share some of our delicious French foods with the people of my newly adopted country.

I started with a range of French style parfaits, pates, and terrines, using quality local produce that was FR, GF, and organic and sold through farmers markets, initially at Oratia. As the business grew, I looked to expand to other markets.

A visit to the Hobsonville Point Farmers Market convinced me it was the perfect place for me! I loved the diversity and quality of the products on offer; it had such a great atmosphere, and it reminded me of markets around France.

I applied for a stall some five years ago. The business kept growing, and now I offer an extensive range of premium quality, traditional home-style French dishes, from pates and terrines to main courses and desserts, the type of food that people would like to cook for themselves but lack time to do so, all of which are available on order.

In spite of the ups and downs and fluctuations of sales and clientele, the love and hate relationship that develops over the good and bad days, I never looked back and can truly say that I love HPFM  as one loves a pet project into which one has put time, effort and dedication. HPFM remains one of my favorite markets in Auckland, and I foresee a brilliant future for it.




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