This is the time for planting fruit trees rather than planning what to plant, but if you haven’t thought about fruit trees, it’s better late than never.

Do you have actual ground space in which to plant fruit trees or are you only able to put them in pots?

Fruit trees provide not only fresh, nutritious fruit, but they can also look great.

So, what do you like eating?

Plums are generally the first fruit of the warmer weather, followed by apples and pears. Citrus are your winter fruit.

If you can, try and have two of each type so that you will get cross pollination and a much better crop.

Find out what fruits in what month and you can create an orchard that gives you some sort of fruit all year round.

If you are restricted to large pots (flexi tubs from The Warehouse make great tubs), then there are many varieties of citrus which will grow in pots as well as Ballerina apples and many dwarf varieties of peach and nectarine.

Fruit trees need to be looked after like anything we put in the garden, but the rewards are definitely worth it.

Next month I’ll look at planting and caring for fruit trees.

– Ruth Wood. Horticulture tutor Ph. 021 155 3940


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