Student Spotlight: Jacob and Emma Mihaere Student Spotlight: Jacob and Emma Mihaere ?>

Student Spotlight: Jacob and Emma Mihaere

Every year, hundreds of sick kiwi kids are transferred to Starship Children’s Hospital to undergo treatment, specialized for under-18-year-olds. Ronald McDonald House, founded in 1994, opens their doors up for the families of the sick children to stay near the hospital. School groups are given the challenge to take part in volunteering their time at Ronald McDonald house whether that’s cooking, cleaning or supplying entertainment in the evenings. This year, Hobsonville Point Secondary School students are ready and willing to take on that challenge. Jacob and Emma Mihaere, both 14, are the students that have put this project together.

“We wanted to give students at Hobsonville Point the opportunity to teach them what families have to go through during tough times and offer perspectives into everyday life,” Emma says. 

For those groups who want to volunteer their time, they are encouraged to put on a three-course meal for families to enjoy. Minimising the stress of the families having to cook while their child is in the hospital.

“You have no idea what those families go through until you see how much they appreciate you cooking for them. Even interacting with them shows how much we take for granted” Emma adds.

The overall goal of the volunteering project is to give awareness to the students and staff of Hobsonville Point Schools about charities, the determined people who volunteer their time, the community feel that can be created and the way to contribute your time to benefit others.

-James Anderson

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