Scenic Spots around Hobsonville Point Scenic Spots around Hobsonville Point ?>

Scenic Spots around Hobsonville Point

Scenic spots and photography; a match made in heaven. Or rather, a match made right here in Hobsonville Point. As well as Hobsonville Point being an up and coming family suburb, it’s also very infamous for its great locations for photography. The Hobsonville Point Wharf, the Coastal Linear Park, Bomb Point and Coastal walkway (just to name a few) are some of the best spots Hobsonville Point has to offer for aspiring photographers. The Wharf is located on Hobsonville Point Road and is in between the primary school and the high school. The Coastal Linear Park is a 4km walk, run or bike, through the untouched nature of the Hobsonville Point area. Bomb Point used to be an old air force and is now a 60-minute walk suitable for people of all ages, even dogs (on leashes). The Coastal walkway is another nice little walk that allows newcomers to experience all aspects of Hobsonville Point and a beautiful way to explore the area. The area of Hobsonville Point is perfect for photography and long walks to explore the area more. The walks as well also offer amazing shots for photos as well as giving you a bit of history and exercise.

-Erin Bassa

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