Sustainability Action Squad at HPSS Sustainability Action Squad at HPSS ?>

Sustainability Action Squad at HPSS

A passionate group of Hobsonville Point Secondary School students, led by a science teacher interested in the environment, have started a group within the school to promote and encourage sustainable actions in school and the community. With the help of student Meike van Roij, science teacher Cindy Wynn has started up the Sustainability Action Squad (SAS). Earlier this year, a small group of HPSS students took a trip to Green Jam, a youth sustainability forum which aims to provide young people with opportunities to learn about environmental issues, and how they can work towards a more sustainable future. Meike came up with an idea to turn this close-knit crew into an environmental group working towards more sustainable practices in the school and the wider community. “I think that creating environmental engagement is important because this school is a new school, and it’s better to take action sooner rather than later,” says Meike.

The first SAS project is an indoor vertical garden within the school, an idea proposed by student Brodie Monds. Hobsonville Point is taking the lead in being a sustainable community; and according to the Hobsonville Point Sustainability Report, is using 33% less water and 12% less electricity than the average Auckland resident per day. The group hopes their actions will promote sustainability, improve the school’s biodiversity, and build up an environmentally conscious school amongst other goals. “We felt we should grab the interest in sustainability while it’s there and see where we can take it,” Cindy says.

-Amanda Greenhalgh is a year 12 student at Hobsonville Point Secondary School. She is a passionate learner, planning aficionado and blogger.

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