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Confused about Food

Food and Nutrition have become very complicated, and some people find it challenging and overwhelming. There is so much contradicting information which makes it hard to separate fad from facts. We have a diet-obsessed culture and tend to follow the latest diet trend and call it paleo, vegan, vegetarian, Atkins, etc. We create rigid rules around food and talk about clean diet, bad and good food. Too often clients come to see me and tell me how bad, naughty or undisciplined they had been because they didn’t follow their own created rules. This leads to “falling off the wagon” mentality, guilt, shame and eventually binging and deprivation. I don’t believe in rigid rules when it comes to food choices unless you have an illness and need to follow dietary requirements.

I work with clients on improving their relationship with food by supporting them to listen to their body’s signals, use their intuition and learn mindfulness. Mindfulness and intuition help eating with more intention and attention. It teaches enjoying food and listening to its affects on your body. Next time you crave certain foods, ask yourself what your body needs. Are you really physically hungry or is it an emotional need? You might be just thirsty, or your body might crave highly processed carbohydrates and sugars because you are tired, stressed or sad. Maybe what you really need is some rest, a walk, a hot bath or just a book. Some of us need to learn to meet our needs in other ways than food. I am an advocate for making good food and lifestyle choices as much as possible and eating for optimal nourishment and satisfaction. It is not about being perfect but living a vibrant life with lots of joy, energy, and happiness.

-Eugenia Nikiforow, Nutrition Health Coach and Founder of Yogini.


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