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Personality of the Month – Gavin Gunston

Ever since he was bullied as a schoolboy, Gavin Gunston was determined to give back to the youth; to become a youth worker. “Incredible people invested in me back then. I was going through a real tough time throughout my later primary school years, and I witnessed first hand the investment people are willing to give to another”. Early signs of key leadership came when Gavin took on some leading roles within his Christian Youth Group throughout his mid-teens.

Even when in University, Gavin still witnessed the harsh things that youth are having to go through. He became a well-being tutor, working alongside those people who were going through tough times. “There was a particular statistic that has stuck with me for a while,” Gavin says. “For a young person to succeed and be happy in their life, a minimum of 6 adults need to believe in them and be prepared to go alongside them. I was lucky enough to be one of those young people”. Moving to Hobsonville Point, Gavin’s aspiration is for the community to become a safe & enjoyable place for youth. “Brand new schools, new people, new facilities, a new community. It’s a really neat opportunity to get involved in some amazing things.” Gavin replies.

He currently is working with the Hobsonville Point Secondary School’s Student Council; developing & creating more leadership within the community. “I really want students to make a positive difference. Encourage them to help their community and give people a sense of belonging within it”. – James Anderson is a Year 11 student at Hobsonville Point Secondary School. He is currently the Secretary of the HPSS student council and also leads a community focused sub-council. In 2016, he founded Student Chat NZ: the student-led twitter talk focusing on the future of education:

Twitter account: @__jamesanderson

-James Anderson

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