Student spotlight: On the National Stage Student spotlight: On the National Stage ?>

Student spotlight: On the National Stage

On Wednesday the 13th of April, Phoebe O’Brien and Gina Heidekruger from Hobsonville Point Secondary School, participated in the University of Otago Sheila Winn Shakespeare regional competition. Due to their performance, they were winners of ‘best five-minute scene’, and will be off to Wellington in June. There they will compete in the national finals for a chance to perform in the Shakespeare Globe in London, England. Phoebe O’Brien, a Year 10 student, played Prospero in The Tempest. ‘I liked playing the character because it was really aggressive and she knew what she wanted. It was cool to play someone who wasn’t completely mad, she knows what she wants and she’s there to do it”. “I played Ariel,” said Gina, a Year 11 student, “It was such a fun character to play because it’s not a character that I would usually play. I usually enjoy playing really weird and comedic characters like the Mad Hatter or something. This was a big change and I felt like it challenged me as an actress.” Phoebe and Gina have had huge support from their friends, students, families, and teachers especially their drama teacher Leigh Sykes. Both are very excited to go to Wellington and plan to make the Hobsonville Point community proud.

-Gina Heidekruger  

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