Welcome to the 5th issue of The Hobsonville Flyer, I hope everyone has started taking advantage of all of the great new shops in our lovely community, Hobsonville seems to be getting quite a bit of attention these days and why shouldn’t it? It’s beautiful, neighbourly and situated in the perfect location. There’s also been some talk on RNZ in the last few weeks about the Axis homes and just how affordable living in Hobsonville Point is and I’m guessing a recent visit from our Prime Minister helped bring some added attention to the area as well. There’s always something happening in our community, and hopefully, you’ll find a lot of useful information about everything happening in and around Hobsonville in this issue of the paper. Whether you’re interested in Geoff’s valuable property advice, the green living section or perhaps just the crossword puzzle, there’s something here for everyone. Please feel free to send me an email in regards to anything you would like to see in our next issue

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