Flame is Heating Up Hobsonville Flame is Heating Up Hobsonville ?>

Flame is Heating Up Hobsonville

Flame Pizza is a restaurant that is known for its gourmet pizzas, burgers, and salads. The owner, Brendon Marsh opened the restaurant in late November 2015 and its the first Flame franchise to open after the original restaurant in Botany opened its doors 5 years ago. Brendon was presented the opportunity to open a Flame franchise as he has been friends with the owner of the Botany store for the past 6 years. Hobsonville Point is ever growing, and Brendon sees this growth potential; he believes that bringing Flame Pizza to Hobsonville Point will be beneficial to the community. He “knew the brand, knew the quality of the food and felt that by bringing it to Hobsonville Point, it would be accepted and enjoyed by the community.” Brendon has already started getting involved in with the point as much as possible. He has done this by delivering flyers to letterboxes with special deals, as well as supporting the secondary and primary schools by providing a player of the day vouchers for sports players to redeem at Flame. Brendon is already blown away by the amount of support the new franchise has been receiving, and although he doesn’t live in the community, he feels he is a part of it after investing so much time and money into a business that he hopes will benefit Hobsonville Point.

-Amanda Greenhalgh

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