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The Power of Words

During the first semester of 2016, Year 11 and 12 students at Hobsonville Point Secondary School are participating in Impact Projects; projects with the purpose to impact the world around us. 

Our project, ‘The Power Of Words’ consists of a group of six passionate Hobsonville Point students who want to educate themselves and the community about journalism and what it is like to be a reporter in this generation. We will be actively learning by contacting companies and experts in the journalism industry. Our aim is to head out into the community to shadow reporters and visit TV and news studios to experience and investigate what a career as a journalist involves, as well as the different roles included in portraying an interesting story to the public.

We will also be working under the guidance of the editor of The Hobsonville Flyer, to publish articles in some of the upcoming issues. Impact Projects are a big part of the Hobsonville Point Secondary School culture & vision. The fact that we have Year 11 and 12 students out in the community doing good, being exposed to ‘life beyond school’ as well as making a difference is great and we feel that every school should be doing something like this. The purpose of Impact Projects is thinking about the big picture, the “we not for me”. Projects are based around the notion that they will have an impact on someone else or the wider community. The HPSS students become involved with a project which aligns to their own passion and interests and then work in small groups, or independently, working to make a difference and accomplish their task. Each project is partnered up with a coach ( teacher) and projects are carefully scaffolded to make the most of the students learning. Connecting and collaborating with partners and people outside the school is a big part in creating authentic learning for students. This is what we hope to achieve throughout our project. As an outgoing group of confident teenagers, we want to get out in the community to do research for our stories as well as to understand the field of Journalism. Debra is helping us by allowing us to align ourselves with different sections of the Hobsonville Flyer which is published monthly. She will be visiting us to hear our ideas for stories we want to write and so we can learn the process of what it is to pitch, research, write and edit a story for formal publication.

As a group of young students, we are very driven and determined to gain experience in any and every part of journalism so if you think you may be a partner for our Impact Project to assist us with any type of experience, be it an interview, an email, a visit, having a shadow for the day then please be in touch.

You could contact our Coach, Lisa on her email: – Bill Savery, Harim Kim, Petra Brinkman, James Anderson, Amanda Greenhalgh, Gina Heidekruger.

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