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Local Victory

Meet seven-year-old Deacon, this talented boy has been racing BMX for just over a season now. He is a supported rider of Avanti Westgate and Waitakere stores, and already he has many wins under his belt. He recently raced at the Auckland Champs and won all his races, but Deacon’s greatest achievement was on the Sunday event when he competed in the Oceania Championship. The championship features only the best of the best racing. Deacon won all three rounds, so this progressed him through to the finals. The heavens opened before the finals could be run and there were torrential downpours, so everyone huddled in a tent until it passed. Eventually, after the thunder and lightening passed officials looked at the track, and deemed it okay to race. After sweeping off the surface water, the racing commenced in light rain. Deacon was in the first race and smashed it out the start gate and was in the lead from there on. He won the race with another North Harbour BMX Rider, who took second place, and an Australian racer who finished third. Deacon has been progressing very well and already holds New Zealand #3, South Is land #3 and North Is land #8 in his age group, as well as holding Oceania #1! And all just after one season of racing.

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