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Month: February 2016

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Local Victory

Meet seven-year-old Deacon, this talented boy has been racing BMX for just over a season now. He is a supported rider of Avanti Westgate and Waitakere stores, and already he has many wins under his belt. He recently raced at the Auckland Champs and won all his races, but Deacon’s greatest achievement was on the Sunday event when he competed in the Oceania Championship. The championship features only the best of the best racing. Deacon won all three rounds, so…

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Green Living and Gardening

Welcome, each month we will be offering ideas, recipes and remedies for home and garden. Summer Salad Ideas 1 x Fancy lettuce, chives, feta cheese pieces, walnuts baby tomatoes, apple mint, grated carrot all tossed in a light French salad oil. Slugs and Snails Next time you eat any citrus fruit chop up the skins and place in boiling water, stand overnight. Strain into a spray bottle and top up with water and add a squirt of dish-washing liquid. Shake…

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What is Optimum Way Desk Set Up?

You are you that is truer than true? – Dr. Suez, which can be interpreted as staying true to your body and what fits you. I recently visited an accountants firm in Palmerston North – mainly to check up on my younger brother and what a junior accountant desk set up might look like. It was so well received, the whole office got a desk audit . As desk set up is the last thing to put costs too, it…

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