Getting Fit in the New Year Getting Fit in the New Year ?>

Getting Fit in the New Year

Chelsea Kawana started pilatesFit Boutique back in 2014. She first started practicing Pilates because of a shoulder injury but, ended up falling in love with all of the benefits that Pilates brought into her life. After talking to friends and family, she realized that a lot of people had never heard about all of the incredible benefits Pilates could bring into their lives. She eventually advanced from practicing Pilates to becoming an instructor, so that she would be able to share her knowledge with as many people as possible. After teaching classes at home for a year and a half, she decided it was time to branch out. Still wanting to be able to work around having kids, she decided to look out at Hobsonville Point.
Chelsea is looking forward to introducing pilatesFIT Boutique to the locals, which will be open at the beginning of February at 148 Hobsonville Point Road.

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