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Recently, I had a chance to have a chat with Victoria Sheridan, the manager of Anytime Fitness. We talked about promoting health and fitness , living a balanced lifestyle, as well as their desire to be part o f the Hobsonville community. Some of the many reasons why they’re our business o f the month. Here is our interview:

DH: What made you decide to bring Anytime Fitness to Hobsonville?

VS : Hobsonville is a very up and coming area. The community here is very active, positive and welcoming which is a great environment to promote health and fitness. We saw a potential to be a part of a growing community and to make a positive impact on the lives of people here, not only in the gym but by being an active part of the community and leading by example through leading a balanced lifestyle ourselves. We want to educate all ages from children through to elderly on how they can have fun and improve their quality of life through fitness.

DH: What can you tell our readers about Anytime Fitness?

VS : At Anytime Fitness Hobsonville we are people people. We are here to welcome, support and motivate you, as well as celebrate your success. We each have our own fitness journey so we can relate to how intimidating it can be walking into a gym for the first time and take a great deal of care with each and every individual to make sure they are on track to achieving their goals. Our members have the benefit of 24-hour access, to over 3,050 clubs globally with a state of the art facilities. We have something for everyone from the first-time gym

DH: You mentioned that you have something for everyone at the gym. Do you have facilities that can assist all residents of Hobsonville, including our retired members of the community as well as those that have disabilities?

VS : Most definitely. We have a wheelchair friendly entrance, with a lift access leading up to the club. We have disabled bathrooms and change rooms with extra space and ramps in our weights area for easy access. We also have state of the art security systems to ensure our members are safe at all times. The health and fitness industry has been a natural progression for me; I’ve been active my whole life in a variation o f sports from Equestrian to scuba diving and everything in-between. Being in a position where I can help others achieve their goals is very rewarding , and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I believe in setting big goals and having fun on the way. Life is for living , join me!

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